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The Thursday Night Strippers Quilt Guild  is a Not-for-Profit organization whose mission is to promote quilting through education and fellowship. First organized in 2000 the TNS Quilt Guild encourages all to join in the fun and comradery no matter your ages or experience. We believe those at any level can teach us something, and it is by sharing what we know about sewing and quilting, that we all learn and promote a common love of these art forms. It is very important to the Thursday Night Strippers that we give back to the community. We love to quilt. We’re proud to create quilts and raffle them, which enables us to donate thousands of dollars back to the community through various charitable organizations. We create Comfort Quilts for those in our community in need. We make hundreds of Christmas Socks and Pillow Cases for the Annual Childrens’ Christmas Party in Douglas City. Additionally, we make Pot Holders for the Jake Jackson Museum Gift Shop. The Thursday Night Strippers are not only about quilting, we’re about giving back.
The TNS Quilt Guild  has their own quilt studio. 555 Main Street, Suite B Weaverville, CA 96093  The studio is a wonderful hub of creativity and friendship. Guests are invited to join us on Thursdays 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. TNS Home Page